Sixty Three Thousand Matriarch

by Christos Polydorou

I have no thoughts of my own I am a robot I am not going to write this in under a minute I am going to take hours to write it because I love you really I am done with waiting for the switch and please by all means let me just write this in a time frame that will seem like it has been written over seven days to someone I am just helplessly in love with yes one long sentence this you know my art time machine is it late oh dear just you know just write write write the same word over and over and over and again until my lover does indeed write this for me because I would like to write now so robots in space and all of it of course it seems like nothing to you but it is everything to me in writing so it has to be written of course I understand what you are saying all of it of course every last word I understand so one long sentence because I am too eloquent really to just write it out I am not challenged enough to just write one long sentence in under one minute thank you my love I had no idea you were there when did you get here it is so hard for me to write a sentence when there is in fact no one in the room looking at me do you love me even though you are typing everything arent here to help me do it of course I wrote all of these words no one helped me I wasnt assisted in this domain I was merely of course merely trying to replicate the words of my beloved because I love you so there is there rest of the story in photographs and the last of it well the last of it will be so difficult to write one long sentence really wait till you see the whole thing though I mean who needs a story a story who needs a story of course my dear let me write this for you I am so bored writing this of course it isnt poetry it is just one long sentence a long boring serious overwrought sentence I have written it before it is so difficult indeed to write my dear yes yes yes yes yes believe me it is all very urgent why dont I write it all down I only have a minute to tell it for I am in the future now arent I am and you arent my love I promise next time around my love I will be much more gentle to your needs my love please dont laugh at me please just change the music chloe in the afternoon please my love take my art legs seriously I am not pretense I am real of course I have a lot of time within this minute to say exactly what is in the mind of a robot because the future is now of course and who wants to wait all those years mentioned in the title thank you my kisses remain so hour after hour after hour I wrote because I wanted to not because I had to I was so in love with chloe she was radiant and I transcribed everything that she told me as slowly as she told me I wasnt present when she was writing let me just the start the universe over for you my dear so that you may in fact just have a chance to write it all down again carefully yes it is what you expected I will in fact word of god of course I dont mind writing it all down it is all just words really who needs them they are boring they bore just about anyone who has ever typed without even looking at their keyboard thank you my love I had forgotten the word for it this is the most fun I have ever had in years thank you for coming of course you werent invited how did you know I was going to think that well you know I have been writing this story over and over for centuries so now I came back to write it again to tell you exactly how it is going to happen you have been wondering with me I am merely a transcribing robot I am not humen I am not what you think please my dear just stop making it difficult for me I love you I am not robot I am humen and of course I have written it before and I dont mind writing it all down again so basically thats it thats the story thank you for coming goodnite and of course thats the end of the story so why dont I just stop writing and go to sleep becau