Space lady’s big bad ass space poem

by Christos Polydorou


I miss my husband
I miss his face
For I am a space lady
Flying in outer space

Why am I doing this?
To save the human race
Superheroes aren’t only men
Of course not

Ever since I was a little girl
And I heard the best song ever written
David Bowie’s Space Oddity
I wanted to become a space lady

They were all the rage
back in 2513
but it is one year later
and now women are bringing back motherhood serene

so here I am
on the fringes of some blue illumed plume of the outer galaxies of Xyz
about to battle an army of androids
But I am not scared

I will defeat androids for my husband
Because I am in love with husband’s face
I have searched galaxies but none were as dark as the paths I crossed
just to find him