by Christos Polydorou


We are flowers
Revisit our petals explicitly
Cut us
but at a slant
Carry us to funerals
and weddings
Embroider our cascades
along your stockings
to enchant your darlings

We are flowers
Our life span is in hours
You’ll find us
reaching up castles and towers

History is calling
See red roses rolling
from fifty yards away
like an old phone box
and us floating towards
them mesmerised

Taking photographs of flowers
Paintings flowers

Carving the shapes of flowers
on cavewalls

Building fire with dry stems

More flowers than the drops of water in the oceans
More flowers than the eye can see

Moving past Spring
through to the Summer
that be

We are flowers
The walk is epic
Like that of the knights of the Middle Ages
Or Ancient Rome
as we attempt
to save as many petalfly as we can

We are flowers
in the barrels
of guns

of men
We will say it again

Count to ten

And then

begin again

Flowers everywhere

Pollution nowhere

Beauty everywhere

No more ugliness:

We are flowers.