Dear Queen Bee

by Christos Polydorou


Oh darling

Oh sweetheart

Oh my love of the seas

What have we done to blossom of the honey bees?

Honey is so much more than just a food
you can eat every

Honey is an art form, it’s an art form
You can your turn your lover
into a fountain with

You could put a morbid
spin on it
and freeze a beehive in time

And put it
in the middle of a museum

for tourists from
all over the world
to use as a destination

You can send a bee to space
And trust it will bring back all the right information

A honey bee
is reliable,
it will get the job done,

Honey bees know not ‘distractions’

A bee knows
not of the pitfalls
Of infatutation

How it can put a
hold on one’s whole life
by pushing it
off a cliff

What have the honey bees done to deserve this?

A bee is a hero
So let it be

Let the bee exist

and in the natural world
where we come to, where we come to

in the moment the drop
lands on the lips,

lands on the lips
And you come back

to life:
Dear Universe

When I am reborn
I wanna be reborn a bee