The feathers of the dove

by Christos Polydorou


These are not instructions
These are not guidelines

Forget pantomimes
and masquerades

Find your space

Don’t forget your soul
Your wings

Power personified
Bring it back

Bring your spirit
Your halo as well

The angel
which never rests

Find what matters
Guard it with your life

Do not guard it
with your anger or

Your passion
gone terribly wrong



Climb a snowy mountain

The top is full of old flags
You come not with flags

You come in peace
You mean no harm…

Beauty is
within our reach

Justice can be real
as it is true

Your heart

as birds rise from
the branches

onto a June sky
furrowed with clouds

Use the faithful blood
but wear a good pair of gloves

Make sure you do not stain
the feathers of the dove.