Writing poetry to thorns

by Christos Polydorou


Why are you
looking at me?
Draw a doodle
It lasts longer

Dancing spirits
Pay the rent

The other side
Enables this side

I was eating crustaceans on Canada Independence Day
I was taking photographs of roses on the day Cecile gave her her love
It was a day for Cancereans to be born

If I want to I can buy a purse
On July 1st

Absolve me
of my boredom
Meet me in
the eye of a needle
Riding camels together


I like this weather
And then it changes
Find me in the brambles
In a rhododendron
Writing poetry to thorns
Am I wierd?
A bit eccentric?
What rhythms guide me?

I was lost
In a desert
In a desert storm
In a great gust of wind
In the rage of God

And in God’s love
Fixing boats

And polishing furniture
Eating miraculous miraculous miraculous fish

Why am I looking at you?
What could I possibly want?
How much am I getting out of this?

And am I sighing?