Just say yes

by Christos Polydorou


Tell the trees
The birds and the bees
I am joining them

I would be

my makeup

And overfeeding

the cat


I’d come running, come through,
come down,

if the opportunity ever loomed
to be nature’s groom,
I’d be the first in queue to bloom

like a bed of roses.
Marry me,

Let’s celebrate every bougainvillea
every jasmine petal
to every blade of grass and dandelions in harmony :

Open up a tree
with a shape of me in Spring

and let me fit
into its moorish shape.

My hair replaced by leaves,
Not so much as a single grievance

in my heart.
Turn into a tree

for the olive tree in the garden
my father cut down.

I could not watch a man
who did not feel like my father at the time.

He said Don’t write
Though my rhymes were liquid and sublime,

even as a child,
even at that time.

the past.