​So many beautiful birds fill my branches, my love

by Christos Polydorou

Robins fill my branches,
my love, because I am
a tree now, so made
by heartbreak, when
a man, so tall heaven
filled his eyes, deserted
me. I had expected
to end up an object
of heartbreak, like
a floating, flightless island,
the tombstone of a poet,
a teapot with day old tea,
but not, but not a tree.

The elegance of this result flabberghasted me. Red breasted robins, magpies with the memories of elephants, cacophonous ravens, and shy jays fill my branches, my love, but I don’t mind. They mean no harm.

When I had blossoms,
I, a cherry tree, honey
bees and bumble bees
used to attack my
flowers and sucked
out the nectar. But
I keep coming up
with more and more
nectar. So should this tell me,
in lessons in heartbreak,
that my ending was
as simple as, he came back,
ruffled my branches,
kissed my leaves,
and I became, once more,
a man? Yes, but not just him.
Anyone who loves me
can set me free.
Including myself.