​An angel wrote this 

by Christos Polydorou

with a half-seen
hand. Give me my
light. It needs ink,
the angel said, and
began to write
a story of loss,
but about the
one who got away.
You can tell the angel
is in love with the man
the angel is describing,
as he describes him crossing
a footbridge, and experiencing
an inexplicable surge of joy
from within a few seconds
before he is about to see
two garden jays, their
plummage both soil
and deep sea, darting before
his eyes. “They are magnificent!”
he cried, wrote the angel, and
wept, moved by the sensitivity
of the one the angel loves.

In a moment we will be together,
writes the angel, with a half-seen hand.
In a moment our two separate elements

will become one.