by Christos Polydorou

My home is you
I need not bolt
I need not leave my home
to sexperience
the thrill

I need not desecrate
my body
Because it is a privilege
to be beside you

To be forever
at your throes

Because your love,
frees me

And your touch,
liberates me

And your kiss unstitches
me, from my spine

Thus, I am

Within the holiness
and glory of you,



Not Far.

Skin’s tingling
as heart’s breaking,

Shedding tears
and sublimating sex,

Love making,
not literal

This ecstasy, is
ever present

This rapture,
heaven sent

This moan (or poem)
an intervention

The transformation
of sex,
is an understatement

To this overstatement,
of literary
expansive sexuality

My body bending,
at his remote

Bumping my head
as I lean
for the vermillion lighter,

because I did
the one thing,
he asked me
not to :

Never stare : directly : into the : eyes of any other :

But me :

I gave you, with love :

He gave me, with love

And this love,
I broke like a plate

And glued it, together
and smashed it over, the head of someone else,
someone other
than myself

the person
on whose head
I should’ve been
smashing the plate
in the first place :

Forgive me, my love
I was confused
I just couldn’t believe my luck
Of all the goddesses
In all the centuries
In all the golden periods
In all the lands


Give me a sugar cube and I will give you a wedding cake
Give me bitter coffee and I will wreak infestation upon your house
Recognise me
Dispossess your possessions
And I will reward you with the tree of life
Unload your body of blame
And I will reward you with humility
that’s only endless if you
put in the work daily

Forget everyone
And I will reward you with love for everything and everywhere
So that everyone who looks into your eyes
Will believe you are in love with them
Look at me
And I will reward you with the words you always dreamed of writing
Love me
And I will reward you with eternal life

Pray to me
Belong to me
You are my wife.

I yield with pleasure
I succumb with joy
For I am sky goddess nut
I am star covered
I am nude

I birth sun gods and more
I need not be whore
I need not be at war
I need not be slave
To my husband

Who is love himself
Who is red
On the inside

And illuminated everywhere else
So eat from me darling
and be bitter

Drink from me dear
and be sweet

Either or, but do it now
Because, if you don’t

I will become a cow
Grazing pathetically in effervescent apocalyptic fields
With no milking hands to milk the nectar of my bones
No children’s thirsts to quench
No rolling laughter in the world

No colours
No funny jokes
No feathers in your pillows
No hope in your hearts

Drink from me
Eat from me
And let me be sky goddess nut
And you’ll be always fearless
Always adored

With arms open and love to spare
That’s love’s power bursting out your silky hair
As I run my double-jointed 
fingers through your beautiful hair

And I kiss you
Because I can kiss you
And I kiss you
And I am hitching up
my skirt.