​Silver Iris

by Christos Polydorou

The moon is full tonight.

I will not lie, so am I.

But of course the I am writing

is not me, or not wholly me,

but a part of me reflected,

mirrored, illuminated, shedding

precious daggers and gemstones

as I learn to see myself in the mirror

as I am supposed to see myself in the 

mirror, reflected, mirrored, illuminated.

You say all real writers want to die.

It is not the twentieth century anymore.
Silver iris

in the sky

Have you 

an eye
for a guy


I cannot lie

is the best guy?
I mean 

his heart

is in the right place

you can see it
in his face

and in his lips

gold words sit

like birds
perched between

meaning and meaninglessness

profundity and nonsense

beauty and despair
I ran my fingers 

through his hair

Silver iris

in our stare
The moon is 

full tonight

I won’t lie

so am I
With love

for the best guy

innocent and kind

calm and reserved
He reminds me 

of a bird

Rest assured

with what the
dawn chorus brings

all the rising spirals

of gentlest birdsong

you’ve ever heard.