The meaning of love

by Christos Polydorou

For what
it is worth

we have been
pining for love

since birth.
For that

We would

always feel latter
if our sons

and daughters
did not love us


from perfect

we demand a

perfect love.
But to get it you

have to be willing
to give it.

They are as to us
as we to them

The love we dare
not ask of them

is the love
we are rarely given.

* * *

Shall we change all meanings,
shall we change the meaning

of love. Let’s change all meanings,
let’s change the meaning

of love.
And how do we change all meanings,

how do we change the meaning
of love?

By being in our love
as love is

in love with love,

By being both refutable
and irrefutable.

to the flame.