Treesong for Daphne

by Christos Polydorou

The trees are singing
The trees they are singing
They are singing
Dear Daphne

Delicate downy daydreaming
docile Daphne
A distinctly beautiful girl
With brown eyes and
an Eastern face
and her hair
a whirlwind of kohl

and kohl
And her poetry
in everything she cooks
and says and
occassionally writes
with palimpsest ink
on the wings of jays

Dear Daphne
Agony is seductive
And love is a trap
And a man’s pulchritude
is the most dangerous
thing in the world

Absolve thee
Dear Daphne

From the world of women
Where they see you as a fuck
And nothing else

A girl out of luck
A slut
A piece of garbage to release
their ugly stress in:



Do not look
directly at him:

his naked knees
the largess of his arms

his broad shoulders
his strong stomach

Do not look into that face
with those chiselled cheekbones

and those endless lips…
Do not look into those brooding eyes

Run away
Dear Daphne

Fly away
Let Apollo chase you

And when he gets too close
turn into a tree

which Apollo will spend
the rest of his day worshipping

Men made love war,
Dear Daphne

It is with such sorrow
we unbraid our hair

and remove our dresses
and join the game

such sorrow
but otherwise we would not

even get to