Walk lightly (as if, on lit water)

by Christos Polydorou

One cannot be a poet in every moment.
One has to dissolve one’s invisibility cloak and be openly vulnerable to experience love in all its latitudes and altitudes.
It is so much more rewarding.
It is one thing being humble and another not giving yourself what you deserve from the heavens.

Bit of both, soft, and tough, love.

(Emotional stoicism, I suppose is my new path.)

Our times betray us and we betray our times.
Our only duty is to the truth of who we could expansively be.
When you look at the world everything is present.
Here and now.
We must be too.

Spirit soars flesh stays.
Flesh has only love like flowers only has pollen.
Or could.

Your self love defines the parameters of everything you love.

The universe won’t have us bear anything except lightness of being and of bearing.

Of being love.

Of bearing life.