My little red chaperone

by Christos Polydorou

August has
melted us,
my little red
All that’s left is
some birdbones
and marks where
harsh summer
storms pelted us.

I sit
in parks
in my free time, watching
carmine yellow
chasing eachother and a
quick-footed female
carry a long worm into
some hedges. I am
of earthly colours
in a face. Will people
be the death of us?

Tiny stilled
explosions of meringue
across a moonlit smorgasboard
of a body I recall;
can hunger be hindered?

Follow gold;

When I looked
into those blue eyes
I felt my soul bounding
from my chest
in one clear leap
which brought me
right back home.

Follow gold;

Easy when it shows / I
 can see it.