My kingdom to be able to defy interpretation

by Christos Polydorou

​I told him I needed to be alone and that I needed to write, but I have not been alone and I have not written. I sit in my garden on a sublime Sunday, transfixed in the rocked-out intensity of Femejism, by Deap Vally, which was released on Friday. On Friday I wrote a piece whose verve and spiritedness was influenced by the critical essays of Susan Sontag published in 1966 in a book called Against Interpretation. Fifty years later, the book has never been out of print, and has influenced the academic and collective landscape of cultural theory. 
And ways of seeing.

Writing is devastating to the writer writing it, bec the truth is a buried thing, & each poem an excavation, & every writer a gravedigger.

When I began to tell him about the techniques of my writing he would cringe, as though I were making a mistake which he my father detested. Of all my stories the story I wish to end the most is the story of myself and my father. I have found a father in what needed to father, me, in particular. This father is desirous of my edibility. He takes bites out of me as I roast gleefully on his spit.

Perhaps I have been too hard on myself. We do this publically now, apparently. I have been alone. I have written. Here is a story I wrote just minutes before I published it, all in one release of language and emotion.

The only justice to selfcongratulatory writing is utter obliteration of the writer’s ego :
starts in his chest and ends a slap on your face. Even it, has a reason, to assist a season, come of age.

The director of this at least, have set the frame, & yet in the moment of filming, a disembodied hand comes in & universalizes.

We need a new word for our favourite word in the English language, Love, because it is always a mistake which has the potential to deceive the mastermind.

The masterplan has its own dimensions. To wrap our minds around its expanse might bring madness. Take all the nothing there is and distill into a crystal of everything for your lover on the shore.