by Christos Polydorou

Something small,
miniature, can
encompass the
whole wide undulating
world, oh baby.
Sublime and infinity
is present in the little
for the eye to seek pleasure
depending on their quickness.
Tiny birds are too for example blessed
for the naked eye
at least within the
treasures of mine
to catch its motions
entirely. There are
those who
draw from the beauty
of their own souls
when they lie and
say Everything is
in its right place.
I disagree
but this is not
my foundation.
They strike
fear in my heart.
What has happened
to you,
my brother,
my sister?
You forgot
you are loved.
You were amiss
on how much,
for example,
I have missed you.
How much I,
have wished
to hold you,
in my therapeutic
and strong arms.

I’m writing you poems.

You can trust me.

Bouquets of elderflower for the reader. You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the whole ocean in a drop.