Desire in Autumn Yellow

by Christos Polydorou

is a deadly dart.

When it hits,
it pierces and twists

deeper if you let it,
so pull it out,

for heaven’s sake,
i.e. for your life to become :

(more) heavenly (again). You’ve been effortlessly
memorising complex vocabulary

for as long as you’ve been able to read,
the only new rules are adaptable to the

respective setting. Bathe!
Be stylisly inclined. Charm

the object
of your desire

with your firey
wit and your mastery of

the shire of words
where the rarest

most exotic birds
reside, never not restless. When the birds alight

from the spires
the colours are shocking and unaninimous,

the belt of your tunic

your golden goose

finally lays that egg,
and desire (only temporarily) ends

in your palm.

is a travelling dart.

It takes you to another
place and time.

And brings you back.
Filled with gratitude.

Eyes wide open.
Photographing autumn yellow.