by Christos Polydorou

Oscar Wilde 

once wrote that as one gains interest in art one loses interest in nature. To give him credit he wrote this in the late 1800s when gobbledegook was a euphemism for bullshit, so we ought to be forgiving of blind spots his aphorisms may hold at another September’s end in the worst / best year of our lives. He died before he got to see what the mass production of “art” – merchandise, replicas, plastic – would do to the polar bears, the jelly fish, ourselves. He died before he got to experience a day of December in July and a week of July in January. What I am trying to say is that wisdom, art, rules! are timeless but timely, since their object of affecting is ourselves, and we keep changing. So no, Monsieur Wilde. Not art first. 

Nature first. No nature no place for art to be displayed. 

NB If my younger (pugnacious aesthete!) self could see me now. I can see him, and I wish I could tell him he had nothing to worry about and everything to let go.