When Mother Nature Cuts Her Break-Up Album About Us

by Christos Polydorou

Mother Nature

cuts her break-up

about us
She will tell

the story
of how we met

We were her children
with too few toys

There was
(as it turned out)

extraterrestrial aliens
within each of us

that set out to stretch the limits
but by burning the content

That understood that the world
was one of grandiose empty spaces

and (nonetheless) solid presences
all of which desired

Such aggravation and belligerence

So much violence.
In the breasts of man

Mother Nature: “My love
of humans died

when they started blowing smoke
up my ass. I went amok,

was shook, broken
by this betrayal! Automobiles!

Mechanical planes!

I wrote eleven songs
each 3 seconds longer

than the last,
perfectly timed to the moment

you all
climbed aboard your spaceships

and moved humanity
to a new solar system,

a new Planet aptly called Panopticon.
And I streamed it across antennas

dotted all across the known
and unknown universe of trees,

and biodegradable spacesuits.”
Love Mother Nature

This was just a casualty tale
We still have a chance

Love her