Tower Bridge Grammar

by Christos Polydorou

A sentence, to be one, as you know, grammatically, must include a subject, a verb, and an object. English language teachers acronym it, if I may be pardoned with verbing an old noun, with SVO. An elegant solution: distilling each complex thing into plausible managable parts. Therefore one can match up the content’s of one’s sentence to ascertain if one has indeed created one. 

SVO represents an active sentence as in one can reverse it and create a passive one, in which the subject is not known. In a passive sentence, the SVO becomes OVS. 

For example, I was struck with the idea of using grammar to approach how spirituality occurs. What inspired me? Any number of things. 

Passivity exists and it is very rewarding. With the pain of being a mere instrument of grace for the gods to score their ironies, one achieves an unusual glimpse into their too far too close reworkings of human destiny.