I had not intended to entirely lose and regain my innocence

by Christos Polydorou

I want to return
to my original head
space, a universal
place above matter
and beyond control. I
lost you to
home delivered
pizzas but your
grey blonde hair
if I see it on another
it twists
the arrow you left
in my heart. Twist
it to produce
your most edible poetry
but if I remove it
what deluges happen. My
second skin was
revealed when I shaved
my beard tonight. Every girl
friend I ever had
was every girl
I had wanted to be
if I had let myself be. The
future will not
be any less tormented
or persecuted
than our present
and our past
but we grew stronger
although we were
merely initially meek,

typically this held true. We
inherited the earth.