Autofagy (Eat Yourself)

by Christos Polydorou

Time eats me.
Life eats me.
Love eats me.
Hate eats me.
Bitterness eats me.
Callowness eats me.
Pettiness eats me.

The penny eats me.
Currencies and international politics eat me.
The media definitely eat me.
Blue whales eat plastic and wash up on shores.
Gods roast humans on rolling spits over open fires.

Art eats me.
Spiders and bees eat me.
Birds like chaffinches eat me.
The stars eat me.
The moon.
The sun.

I eat me.
Things get most complicated here.
They were complicated before
but not as much.
I eat me to start over.
I am ok until I die.
Then I start over again.
This occurs to all of us

in a biomedical process
known as autofagy,
eating oneself,
essentially to rejuvenate
devouring old cells
to give space to new ones.

Old bones new life.