Last October

by Christos Polydorou

Of course I am someone romantic.
I root for love.
I stay in a big inhospitable city because I believe.
There are instances where you’ll find me expressing myself theatrically.
If I didn’t think so I would not have thrown myself.
I felt myself being skinned even so.
It was a pain but one I was certain I would grow strong from and.
It was an incomplete thing how it completed.
There are these quicksand days where I find myself feeling how I felt that afternoon when you told me you were leaving.
How I cried both devastated and relieved.
A part of me was relieved.
Odd how when it comes to feelings what the minority of you is feeling is right.
Don’t just listen to your heart, do what it says, is what I am taking away from all of this re membering of last October.