How To Overcome Writer’s Block

by Christos Polydorou

You come
to me. Your origin

but not as much
as you come
to me. I had been in

a particular magical mindset
these past years, an awesome wave of
perceptive and enigmatic mindfulness,

like a whale hunting for Jonah,
you come to me. I was unsure
of my initial approach;

the only approach I know
– the amorous – presumably
to alienate you,

only to alienate myself,
at least presumably. You call
me beautiful, and amazing,

and at first I
couldn’t believe I was those
things, but you said them

and what you said carried weight
with me. Always will. In

general love poems the narrator is typically the fool in love
with someone he or she cannot have

nor can overcome one’s shyness to ask
them to dinner. In this poem,
we are both fools,

thinking this could occur, but we are in different universes, however
this here verse is our tarot.

Pull a card, my lord.
King! of the Red Brick of Hearts!
By all means,

throw it
through the glass
of my chest.

are my
favourite shapes.

The deadlier
the better.