What I now know

by Christos Polydorou

What I now know
does not include
everything I have ever learned
even the lessons
in which I actively wondered
in which aspect of my real life
in which they would actually assist me.

What I now know
includes what have recently learned
as there is no end to learning.
I am learning words in Italian, German,
French, but that is because I now live in Europe.
I now also know that there are differences
but also similarities between neighbouring countries.

What I now know
also includes what I have forgotten,
what my body or mind was inflicted or infected with,
was too much to bear,
and rejected until I was wiser and more tenacious
enough to bare it, to be able to ensnare it,
and use it to my advantage, whatever ugly or beautiful thing

it is or was or continues to be.  What I now know
includes also what I did not understand
and also what I partly understood,
through intuition. You know what I mean darling,
you are sitting on a chair, pretty much serene,
and then, seemingly out of nowhere,
a fact permeates you, that you have not read,

that you have not been told,  that you just know.
What I now know
is both complementary and contrasting,
is a synonym of everything
I have ever felt
and an antonym
of everything I have ever thought.

Every little and large object
I have ever bought
and ascribed emotional significance to,
every book I have ever read
and every book I was too disinterested to read,
every shoe that has fallen apart,
every song I ever heard to strengthen my heart,

all disappears
when the spears
the wound
of the eye
to see clearly

everything that is near
and everything that is far
like an eagle
and a mouse
in one.