Redeem here and now

by Christos Polydorou

If I speak of souls, I
mean what I say, I say
what I mean, and choose
my words so carefully when
I am writing about this classic
topic because it is
where innocence is kept,
and innocence is importance
to me, I feel uneasy if I ever begin
to betray it. Maybe some of us did some
things late at night we are not
particularly proud of, like wasting
our gift of kisses and pleasure-
giving to men who were not
our husbands. No, my upcoming
winter of our Christmas content
and weather discontent, I choose
to redeem my shameful nights, to
ride it out of my body
with a horse who
I found eating grapes out of
a tree today. I speak of souls
because often during my day
I’ll barely endure with awe I
encounter them, and the reaction
in me is akin to, say, a Christian
experiencing a miracle, a
moment in which the laws
of physics and physis are
suspended. If I speak of souls
I speak of candle light, kindling
within all of us. We as autumnal
leaves. We as gold saints in tree
branches. We as a beautiful shy jay
soaring flawlessly in English gardens.