Love omg

by Christos Polydorou

​As a poet my destiny and my perspective is inexplicably linked to love. I understand, and I am always trying to wrap my mind around every new turning page of love, every leaf scored in my log-book, a leaf-gatherer.

I have always loved love. Though there are so many kinds it is never frustrating. Love of my god, love of my country, love of my past, the artistic mediums I use to put myself to the test on a daily basis, the love of love itself, which is intuition, magical thinking, connection to what we feel ignores us. Athiests and the faithful cannot help but address something they cannot see. We all do this absent-mindedly with our OMGs. I use omg too but always lower case out of respect.
As a poet it is easy to write about love. As a person it is not so easy to live it. But everything changes in an instant.