Character Studies I: NIKOL 

by Christos Polydorou

My name is
I am
                 from Prague
I am
I have a
but I
with men
                on camera
for money. I

have always
               been athletic. My
father is tall
               too. I
do not have
               much body hair. It
is not blonde,
               it is grey blonde, actually. My
eyes are
               blue. Cerulean blue when
I am happy, Viridian green
              when I am sad. I

was sitting in a bar
              a few months ago
and a man bought me a drink. The
             drink had gold leaf in it. I
joined him and he took me
             to his house. He asked
me to undress. He said some
             very flattering things about
my body, which made me feel both
             uncomfortable, because no
one had complimented my body before,

and flattered because it felt
             so nice to hear it. He gave me
work. I might even be a little bit
             famous. My girlfriend
and I are still together.