by Christos Polydorou

Simple saturday of peach, titanium
white, and mars
black. Househusbandry and its
contents precludes
a touch of grocery shopping.
In the mundane
is the mundane’s
reminder of wounds marked
within the mundane. We keep
telling ourselves
we are extraordinary
creatures mired in a scenario
so old it is known as the only
option. Returning from
the grocery store, from within the margins and
inside the foils, came across
the memory of us
running together. We took a bit of exercise. It was
exhausting to run
and I avoid it
since but I was with you
and that
was joy. I was with you
and that
was happiness. I was with you
and that
was love. I never felt
that way before. I
fell in love at thirty nine. Until
the age of thirty
nine I never
thought I would fall in love, even
though that was all
I ever wanted, was to
fall in love, and
then I did, I fell in love.
You have left but
you left a love of life
in me I never
had before. It is as
as a mother lion
and life are its

At thirty nine
I fell in love.