Shakespearean Furioso

by Christos Polydorou

All the girls
are prettier than me,
so fragrant!
and deep,
and their hair
down to their
waist, and their
lips pouting,
whilst pole dancing
sexier than me,
all the boys
want them,
so few want me,
I have a difficult
mouth you see,
I read books
and I am theatrical
in real life
and bored by

and I am weighed
by harsh truths,
I view in the
world which are
insufferable to
my spirit,
and its Pegasus flight
in parallel
to the night-course
of wandering, shooting stars,
some of whom carry
some dinosaur or alien
specimen. All the girls
use Snapchat better than
me, alone in a room
in my free time,
writing poetry
to no one specifically.
That last bit is a lie.

My internal conflicts
are fit for the London stage.

How Shakesperian is this drag.
I work in a pub.

I am an actor.
I typically play female parts.

I’m so lonely
I’d like a husband or a boyfriend,

I think.
I typically play female parts.