Vividly / Vividly

by Christos Polydorou

and more

crowning moments
in which the universe

grabs me
by the horns;
I catch

that Great Mind
considering me,
its thought of innumerable

over me

like the
of a bird.

NB I have been experiencing more vividly recently moments in which the universe grabs me by the horns to reveal to me a truth about the human experience and all its latitudes and mirroring in the above stars, and what this relationship between the stardust in the body and stars in the sky do to a person. If we were to trace the course of the stars above the seascapes of the rota of any person, we might be able to predict the future. We could safely say to a person, avoid this bridge at this time, go to this skyscraper on this day, take this flight, board that train, etc. etc. etc. Just now I was coming up the stairs, carrying a cup a coffee, the contents of whom will carry me more alertly to the end of the day, which was and always will be midnight, I experienced a moment in which my general cosmic state of concern was suspended, and I began to revolve profoundly within my own body, unconfounded by it, redeemed by it in fact, in a transcendental but piercingly truthful way.