by Christos Polydorou

Talk to your heart. Talk
to your soul. They are
what in you
which require constant comfort. Because

it is a fact, that one
ought not to lack,
that a human being
needs comfort

to keep being. To keep
seeing what needs
to be seen, and saying
what needs to be

said. Emotions
will not stir
unexpressed. Within
one is a propeller

to love. It is a small
one, like the ones
on the tails of helicopters
but it is more than enough.

Talk to your heart. Talk
to your soul. Use your
mouth. Choose words
softly, because they are

so transformative, like
how you feel transformed
during a bottle of wine,
or when he looks up at you

and grins. Say to him
what rivers in your
mind. Repeat
with kindness.