Take the queue

by Christos Polydorou

I love
you. I hate you. I put a hit out
on you. I am cold, distant,
gone. I wish you to leave me
alone, please don’t leave me. Don’t
look at me, don’t look at anyone
else. Ask me to cook you a
meal, show up when it
is way too
cold to eat, listen to me shout how
I don’t care as I smash
the plates against
the kitchen wall. Because this is a twenty-first century,
urban, bipolar love. The
epic of a dead man walking
to the shores to be reborn
by the waves of a choir
of mermaids
who lure sailors
to their amorous deaths.

This is the love story of a man
half inside his own body,
half outside. He listens
to his heart

but is terrified
but what it asks. Hey,
you, take

This is your own


inching into a phrase

to you.

Take the queue.