Metallic shades of desire (cinnabar, sterling, goldenrod)

by Christos Polydorou

All cruelty
is gone now. All

has disappeared.
Wounding words
that hung like knives

in the air, are
now all sold
to the black market.

This copper cage
is now
a diving board.

* * *

Swim with me, you say,
who am I, to say,

when you’ve led me,
out of the,
hole like in The Silence

of the
Lambs. Milan!
I am wearing silver head to toe!

* * *

Celebrations and incantations I am a
heavenly body on this night of nights, a saint
somersaulting in mid-air,

between golden stars,
and the gold dust they leave
in their trail:

I’m bringing it all back to you.
It’ll help.
I know you’ve been going through

hell. Here’s
this shell.
Put it

to your ear. Is
it clear
what you