Ancient tree

by Christos Polydorou

Ancient tree. Tree
of truth. Of good, and
good. Our journeys
are all to you. You

and I are nowhere. You
and I know nothing. You
and I : disconnected : from :
anything cosmic : at least
to our knowledge

and mired in our anxieties, we
lose our ability : to communicate:
an art we studied

for years somehow : just lost :
so come closer and listen to
what I am saying

as I am listening to you :
you will be empathetic : and
sensitive : and
alert : and
deliberate : and
caring : and
you will do it all with

love : you knew
all this you :
needn’t me to :
add anything to :
what is already known : But

you see : my
brother : my
sister : kindness

is a collective effort : and
knowledge the thing

we need to share :
no : let us not waste ourselves

English majors :
let us not waste our
vocabularies tearing
people down.

Ancient tree
advises pour
wisdom into artistry
and every artist, that
quintessentially miserable
being, will
turn to you, smiling

Ancient tree
letting everyone
go, learning to live
alone, slip
away into
dress-less nights.

Ancient tree
stay on course, on
path, remain focused,
study what it is
you want, what it
needs, and fulfil
that need.

Ancient tree finally sings
of love, a
mystery, even
to Ancient tree.