Hopeful the old master from Prague would appreciate the new take

by Christos Polydorou

Once upon a time, a girl fell in love with her pet budgerigar she called Franz Kafka. They spent so many happy hours together, Franz Kafka out of his cage in her flat, the girl whistling to Franz Kafka, saying, Come here Franz Kafka, and Franz Kafka would come, all blue aflutter, nothing else could matter, to the girl, watching a buaetufil (beautiful!) bird fly across her living room to her palm, where it would sit, staring at her, in love with her. Franz Kafka made my friend, Dora, a lady almost at the age of forty, feel like a girl. How could it be possible, thought my friend Dora, how could such a love be possible? This is a love that could have only existed in my imagination. Franz Kafka chirped to her across species, and then said the one word, love, over and over. Love! Love! Dora swooned, feeding it some seeds, berries, and a beetle.