At night, The Doors

by Christos Polydorou

At night
The Doors
fly open.

The Doors
fly open

at night. Until
like monks
in a monastery

Mystical writers
Get ready
Mystical writers (like Simone

get everything ready. They
work fast, methodically, efficiently.
They are unrecognizable. As if they
have been possessed by a spirit
which needs things put in a certain

place. Mystical writers clean the floors,
and dust the furniture,
and the books on the shelf
are removed, dusted, the
shelf is dusted, and the books
are returned to the shelf.

 They wipe chalices, censer, candle
sticks, monstrances, canopies, and
liturgical umbrellas. Each object,
sacred; arranged in a certain way,
they siphon something from out there;
arranged all together, the truth is told,
the truth is known. Everything for the

quill, the pen, the keyboard. Where
the hands go, finally, after they have
done so much, they can finally just