Widows for kings

by Christos Polydorou

img_20170105_200354_475I have been the king of trees
Of birds
And now is mine the kingdom of heartbreak

Heartbreak as far as the eye can see
All the bodies of water before me form it
The oceans are deep because of how heartbroken I am

My kingdom weeps as it
sings sad love songs of such beauty
you could die happily listening to them

And the mermaids wash themselves upon the shores
They are so sick of being whores, dating hateful pricks
who disrespect them, and throw them through windows

Widows, now
That is what we are
Black as

The roads wind like
All the winds blow toward
The moonlight is concentrated upon

I am fueled with unexpected joy and light
At night when I can level my head upon the shed
Of my loss and my grief at giving myself away

I gave myself away
I threw my heart to the dogs
I danced barefoot on broken glass

Until I decided
it was
the very last time.

Now I am the king of wheels, what
is real, the way I feel, and a new you,
always new, always

someone new to love. You say
I embarrass you
because I am so effusive,

my love, or you did.
You could not
speak to people like that.