Smile More

by Christos Polydorou

Paint me, please.
I don’t know,
I am feeling a little vain tonight…

I feel like Kate Winslet,
in that big movie
where she killed Leonardo di Caprio?

It was on a boat.
Paint me, if you would be so kind.
I am feeling silly,

playful, fluffy, witty,
like a cat. Throw me
a ball of yarn, any

colour. Play with me.
You ask me
to remove all

my clothes
except my boxer shorts.
You are not embarrassed of your nakedness?

you ask. Never
you. Not

tonight. I
don’t know, the
lights are just

right, I am
experiencing the gift of second
sight, and I know you like

to practice your pencil-drawing
and your shading
in the middle

of the extrasensory moonlight.
Paint me, could you?
I feel like Kate Winslet tonight.