The symphony of difference

by Christos Polydorou

Sometimes homosexual men fall in love with heterosexual women, and sometimes heterosexual women fall in love with homosexual men. Just look at Will and Grace. Sometimes, however, heterosexual men become enamored with homosexual men and homosexual men fall in love with them. One would have to have had their eyes gouged out not to fall in love with Dorian, regardless of sexuality, even if they were a stone, one thousand years on its own, if it has eyes, and perhaps it does, if it could see Dorian, they would fall in love with him. He seemed more a feat of nature, than something that nature comes up with on a daily basis, perhaps in thousands, all over the world. He was very magnetic, and whenever I was with him, the trees would sway towards him, and squirrels would scurry across fences to meet him, and the magpies would call his name. I felt faint just to be near him, and to be his friend, felt like an indeed an honor. I would show him my gratitude for being my friend by cooking for him and giving him gifts, but he would always say, I like you Marcus, for who you are, you need not change, you are Marcus the Colossus. One other time we were together he said the most memorable thing to me. I was tearing down all men because I was unable to get a date, and look at all the tyrants in history I said, and he responded, Just because I am a straight man, and men have been dictators in the past, it does not mean that all heterosexual men have hate in their hearts. Maybe we do not say the words, I love you. But if a man loves you, he’ll show you, and you’ll know, you’ve been loved. Sometimes people stay friends, and this is better than lovers, or even blood-ties, because if it is just right, our differences can create a lifelong harmony of platonic love.