What a life light in winter

by Christos Polydorou

I fell asleep
in winter and
woke up for the line
to throw
through the ice
and bring out
the wisest fish. It
was a reward for
patience. It was
a reward for me,

and because I hung
it out on January 16th
(Blue Monday) it was
a reward
for all of us: we
each require comfort,
to be held, until pain
changes to happiness.

each require
a home cooked meal,
and a warm corner
in the world
to share with some
one less fortunate,
should they
need it. I fell asleep

in winter and woke up
and it was still winter.
But beyond the window,
chimneys and trees, and
the blinking light, of
some skyscraper
at the isle of dogs.

I miss no one, but
my heart is not cold,
or closed. It is a hot
egg, open.