What is this (cat), now?

by Christos Polydorou

20170116_142335There are loopholes
in the universe.  What is the universe?
All of time
space   and the
heavenly bodies. What are loopholes?
Holes through which   things occur, not just
once, as we commonly    understand them (been
there   done
that    got
the   t-shirt,
…    it
to the salvation army) But
holes through   which things
occur    more than once.
Twice, sometimes  infinitely. You see,
it is quite easy    to relive
the past, to go on    remarrying
the same monster  over
and over.     But you can frame
the loophole       through metaphor.   In this way
you grasp the      situation
from the side,
as if
you were
up     A mirror
to life And can
temporarily    reassess it.
however with the same   eyes,
the same
Body, The same
broken heart;
yes, but you
are healing
this way,

through metaphor.