Because it is the negative of love

by Christos Polydorou

Because it is the negative of love, shares

some of the properties
and power of love –
until it inevitably loses its disguise

 revealing itself
as to what it was
to the have been temporarily blinded;

This is why a
neglected child might

neglect herself and
her friends and

in the future
her husband
and own children. Neglect

spreads, like love, because
it is the negative of love.

There is now so much sadness
and poverty in the world, so much

that to think about it
would be to allow

a tsunami of sadness
crush you and the island

of the loved ones you live on. But then
one morning breaking into

the almost palpable, breathing
darkness, an archway
is blown open. We had been living

on the wrong side
of the towers;

On this side…
On this side…

is where the light
is, positive.