Know No Shame

by Christos Polydorou

img_20160528_201250.jpgKnow no shame, for the body burns
between the scored
floors, the floors damned beneath us, where
we grind our bones. Known no shame, the body wishes
to be a heavenly creature, for once,
for a moment, for a brief while, which
feels like some egalitarian earnest

eternity. Know no shame, the body
is what it is; ask, would you, of a tree, to
fly like the eagle at the roof of the sky?
Or a bird to bloom strawberries, oranges,
or blueberries for you? Know no shame,

do not starve yourself, your body through ignorance
of the mind, deprivation of the heart,
punishing our lungs, our stomachs, our livers.
Know no shame, desire is the opposite of a
boundary, and the human body feels like
the opposite of a prison, when we share

our sheets, spread wide open, like white freedoms.
Know no shame, you have a name, because
two people loved each other, beating a wish, against
the downfolding night, like two silver
swimmers, turning
into a single fish.