A Niche Place To Visit

by Christos Polydorou

img_20160528_211638.jpgOn that long Shakespearian rag, if you look closely, you will see, stitched, with golden fleece, the words Latin & Ancient Greek. Why? Assuming Sundays are also days in which you allow Whys to bloom, dear reader. This is because William Shakespeare, was a genius. By embellishing his rag with the three words (and ampersand) I italicised above, he was, in my opinion, making a commentary on worry. He was suggesting, to worry in a language not only do we not know, but are completely oblivious to, occurring, as it still might, in another place, and time.

We are oblivious of what Marie Curie, Simone Weil, and Susan Sontag felt.

We can also be oblivious of our own worry, and thereby liberate our worry into literature.

Liberated literature.