A guy

by Christos Polydorou

wp-image-1748844983jpg.jpgLove makes
a small room an

wrote John Donne, but

that was
in the seventeenth

century. Now love
is a bit more

weirder, a bit
more freak-show,

and dishonest,
and a bit too treacherous,

a bit too sexual
and vulgar

to be anything
but a prison.

And we can
blame the internet

The media, we
can blame

Donald Trump
and Marilyn Manson

and Nicki Minaj
and Madonna

and Britney Spears
and we can blame

our parents
for doing this to us

For not loving us enough
that we would find ourselves

locked in a room with a blood
sucking monster sucking

our blood out, and our
youth, and our passion,

because our daddies
did not love us. This poem

is for a guy I knew
who misled

me into believing
he was a man

I could rely on. This poem
is for just a guy

I knew
who turned out

to be a coward.