The Revolution Will Be Neonised

by Christos Polydorou


I wanted to take a photograph that captures the absurdity of our age which makes things which are harmful to us absolutely desirable, so much so, that we veer off our general spiritual path to go to the most hated, lonely, controversial place on the planet, to spend one’s hard made money for nonsense. I feel I represented it by turning the logo upside down.
I sincerely hope we are not going toward a dystopia of corporations and neon lights and doublethought and alien overlords eventually fighting for the cash powa, but my hope is not enough. Will me taking this photograph end such a dystopia? Of course not. Even if I had Jesus Christ’s audience, and I presented this photograph as an icon, it would not be enough.
But I have to try, on my own, and with others, because really, what the hell are we doing? How can we not protect what protects us, mother earth, with whatever gesture, minor, or major, we can?
And the trees all burned.
All the sky was emptied of birds.
And all the oceans ran dry.