hate (in lower case letters)

by Christos Polydorou

sadly we meet people who treat us with hate. it might be us, it might be them, but hate never has an excuse. if we are unable to control ourselves, then take a time out, don’t go railing on some stranger or worst a friend and ruin your relationship, forever. life is unbearable, yes, but there is way in which to get help without inflicting violence first, emotional or physical. and we are not weak for having to ask for help, we are human, which is not the same thing as saying that being human is necessarily synonymous to being weak. we also have to understand that people often do go through difficult situations which force them to act out of character. if we were willing to let go of the ones we love at the slightest bump in the road perhaps we are not ready to love. are we ready to love? if yes, then seek the real thing, which is not an experiment.