Notes on selves, margins on love

by Christos Polydorou

In the battle of the selves, generally the ‘wrong one’ will surface to the top, and try to take over its non-complementary situation. In the case of love versus love, or I in an attempt to actually live within it (at least for a while) I ought not pay credence to the ‘girl in me’ and let ‘the man in me’ take over, at least initially. Sexism runs deep, within our own bodies and minds, so we MUST keep it in check. The sexism, I mean.

In times of early intimacies, the cruellest thing we own is always the cruellest thing we own: a smartphone. Delete WhatsApp, go offline, don’t panic, do something else, distract yourself. All I want to do is cook, clean rooms, open up spaces, for him. Why not the him in me? I’d like this transformation or any to be complete. Like anyone.

I’d like to come up with a new philosophy of love, contemporary, rooted in classicism, throwing its flowers into the here and now, and some in the future.

Give me a chance, Cupid. I could really do some serious work for you.

Let me come out of the cave I have been living in, patiently. I have mastered the flames, now let me master the light.